Digital financial brands made with in-depth research and thoughtful design.
Operated in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, we provide useful, high-performing and well designed fin-tech brands, products, and tools created by a dedicated team of professionals.
Useful, simple and well designed financial tools for the local market.
With useful, simple and well designed financial tools and products together with finance related education, Vidiva aims to increase individual financial literacy, improve businesses and elevate communities.
We give great importance to honest communication. We aim to make things clear from the start. This is how we built trust with our customers.
For Vidiva, professionalism means high-performance. Our team is goal oriented and while we grow, we learn from industry leaders. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and capabilities.
Social awareness
If we want to elevate society, we must stay aware of the social issues that effect the lives of individuals and their communities.
Providing customers with useful, high-performing and well designed fin-tech brands, products, and tools.
The most important asset to achieve our mission is our people.
Vidiva people care. Our team is committed to be professional, responsible, empathetic and hard-working. We want to prioritize real world problem solving and human-centric desgin with the aim to bring true values to people’s lives.
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