hiring process



Feel free to apply for the desired position either through email or by using our online application form.



Our HR team will initiate a call to engage with you. Through this call, our goal is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of you.



Depending on which position you are applying for, our HR will share with you some tests for you to complete. If you pass the tests, we will arrange with you for an onsite interview.



If successful, we will proceed to send you an offer letter. Wishing you congratulations on the start of this new journey with Vidiva.

why vidiva:benefits

Competitive salary package reflective of your role and responsibilities
Yearly salary review
Performance bonuses
High spec Mac or Window laptop (or Linux, whichever allow you to work most effectively)
Any other tool or software that you might need for your job
12 days standard pay leave + national holidays + up to 15 days of additional pay leave (depending on your position)
WFH - Works from home every other Friday
We always strive to work a productive, balance and sustainable 40hrs week
Comprehensive health insurance package
Yearly health-check voucher
Special monetary support for major health / life events
Gifts and monetary support for special family / life events (marriage, child birth...etc.)
Special discount package for family health insurance and health checkup
Generous learning and professional training budget
Special financial support and loans for those who wish to pursue postgraduate education and higher training
Located at Lim Tower 3, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, this office has a prime and central location.
This office offers a modern and stylish environment, making it the ideal choice for any business.
Dynamic and joyful working environment - we seriously invest in HR development
Specially crafted welcome pack for all new employees

why vidiva: culture

Empowering Diversity in the Workplace
We foster a diverse, creative, and inclusive workplace.
Collaborative Synergy
We cultivate a collaborative culture where people share ideas, knowledge, and experiences to achieve common goals.
A Cornerstone of Our Workplace Culture
We value fairness, honesty, and ethics in all activities, building a trustworthy and respected work environment.
Harmony in Work and Life
We facilitate a work-life balance, contributing to a flexible and comfortable work culture.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some most common questions, if you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at
Where is your office?
Our head office is located in Lim Tower 3, District 1, HCMC. We got a small but cozy office that we are happy to show you around when you explore opportunities at Vidiva.
I am not living in HCMC. Can I work at Vidiva?
You may. There will be positions at Vidiva that support remote working. You should find details in the posting of your interested position or reach out to us for further inquiries.
Do you offer internship?
We do, from time to time. Please follow us on social networks and our blog to be the first to get updated when we launch a new internship program.
I would like to recommend a candidate?
Check out our Candidate Referral Program to earn an attractive bounty for any successful referral.
How can I apply?
You can find above the basic steps how to apply and the easiest way is to submit your CV on the exact job post that you're interested. You may also send your CV and cover letter to We usually get back to candidates within one working day and will be happy to explain to you the application process, which may vary on positions.
How long will I get an interview invitation?
You should expect a phone call from our HR within a couple of days of your application. After the call, we will arrange the 1st interview session upon your availability. In case your profile does not fit our opening position very well, we will also let you know no later than one week.
How many interview rounds are there?
It depends on the position that you apply, but typically it takes two rounds of interviews and one short online test. We try our best to optimize yours and our time, on the other hand we still need to make sure we can comprehensively recognize your capabilities.
The HR team will let you know your application process during the first phone call.
I still have some questions that I need answers to. How can I get in touch?
You can always send questions to us at We will get back to you in a day or two.
The HR team will let you know your application process during the first phone call.
How long to get the interview result?
At each interview round, the interviewer will tell you when should you expect an update from us. Our HR team will then inform you officially through email.
The HR team will let you know your application process during the first phone call.
Do you keep past candidates' applications for future openings?
It's best to keep an eye on our job posts page and submit a new application for any role which you’re interested in. We do keep your profile for a while, and your privacy is strongly respected.
Is my personal information secure?
Your information provided in submission will be used for the recruitment process only, by the HR team and directly involved personnel.
What are your working hours?
Our current official working hours are 8:30 - 17:30, 60 minutes lunch break, Mon to Fri.