Cookie Notice

Version 1.1, 14 June 2021

Like most other websites and apps, Vidiva uses cookies. By using the Vidiva website and/or Vidiva’s products/services, you fully agree to our Cookie Notice and consent to us using cookies as outlined in this notice.

This Cookie Notice should be read in conjunction with Vidiva’s Data Privacy Notice.

1. Cookies Help Us Ensure Your Safety and Optimize Your Website Experience While Displaying Relevant Ads

In simple terms, you can think of cookies as stickers. Every time you visit a website, that website sticks a sticker on you to recognize you when you return and record information about your visits. This allows the website to display more relevant content to you, based on the information you’ve input and viewed. The duration of retention varies for each cookie but typically ranges from a few minutes to two years.

We use the following types of cookies on

  • Cookies that help ensure your safety and Vidiva’s safety (you cannot disable these cookies).
  • Cookies that help optimize your experience on the website (you can disable these cookies).
  • Cookies that help display more relevant ads (you can disable these cookies).

Most of the cookies are from third parties, while some are from Vidiva.

It’s important to note that cookies never store or access any of your banking information.

2. Cookie Options

Cookies that help ensure your safety and Vidiva's safety:

Some cookies help us ensure your safety (and Vidiva's safety). We need these cookies to keep the website secure and protected, so you cannot disable these cookies. For example, we use Google Cloud cookies to protect the website from denial-of-service attacks.

Cookies that help optimize your experience on the website:

We use analytical cookies like Google Analytics to record where you spend your time on our website and analyze which parts of are most useful and least useful. This helps us understand what's working well, what isn't, and what we need to improve.

We also use cookies to recognize you when you revisit our website. When we recognize you, we know whether to display or hide content you've previously viewed (such as the cookie banner).

You can enable/disable these cookies here:

Cookies that help display more relevant ads:

We use cookies from companies like Facebook to show you more relevant ads based on the content we believe you might be interested in. For example, if you've viewed pages about Ting cards, we may infer that you're interested in Ting cards and display Ting card ads on Facebook.

We also use cookies to avoid bothering you with certain advertising campaigns. For example, once you've signed up for a Vidiva account, we'll use this information to avoid displaying ads inviting you to install the app.

You can enable/disable these cookies here:

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3. Other Ways to Disable Cookies

You can also disable cookies by accessing the settings in your browser or on your phone.

If you choose to do this, you can refer to your browser’s instructions or search for “how to disable cookies.” Your browser also allows you to delete any cookies stored on your device at any time. You can also directly disable ad cookies through Facebook’s Ad Preferences tool.

4. Feedback/Questions

We always respect your privacy and welcome feedback from you. If you have any questions about this Cookie Notice or how we use cookies, please contact us via email at